Wednesday 8 February 2012

Stressing out

I'd love to write something that will be intriguing, inspiring and revolutionary in the fight against MS but my old friend has been so quiet lately that I'm starting to wonder if it has gone into hibernation.
It's a good thing. I've been feeling happy, healthy and 'normal' and it is great. Long may it continue.
However, I fear that things may be about to alter the status quo with my impending return to the land of work after a year of maternity leave.
My job is stressful, full-on and can leave me buzzing with negative (sometimes positive) thoughts I find hard to banish when I am trying to sleep.
Stress is apparently a trigger for my old friend to wake up and shout out: "Coming out to play?" so I am feeling a little apprehensive.
I am determined to be one of those calm, sandal-wearing, chilled out souls when I get back to the grind but I know this dream will be laughed and mocked at by my alter-ego working self. I'm determined to do some kind of class like pilates or yoga but after a 10 hour shift I think this will also be something that is sidelined for an hour slobbing on the sofa in front of the box grunting conversation with my long-suffering husband.
So who knows what is going to happen when I get back to the office. Things will either be A-OK or my old friend might decide to join in the fun and make life hard. I'll let you know.

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