Sunday 7 July 2013

End of an era

Dear friends,
My first MRI scan since I had two rounds of Alemtuzumab treatment has almost brought me to tears.
But those tears are of joy because the scan was only totally clear of any new MS activity on my brain!!! Woohoo!
Yep, so far so good. The Big A has done what it said on the tin and put my MS monster into hibernation.
I don't know how long for and quite frankly any time at all is a bonus.
It's made me smile. And it's made me so thankful to my neurologist for giving me this chance. And it's warmed my very soul that I made the choice I did when I considered my treatment options.
I've been so lucky. Okay I know having MS isn't the luckiest thing in the world, but the timing, the location and the opportunity that came my way has been so very very lucky.
And this may well be one of my last blog entries...
From symptoms to diagnoses to treatment, time flew. I didn't have a chance to get my head around it all. But as Dear Diary has evolved to be able to share every thought, emotion and mood with anybody who happens to stumble across it, I found salvation in this blog.
When my world turned upside down, it was here I was able to off-load. It's been cathartic. And I've been humbled by the friends who have blessed me by reading the nonsense I have often spouted.
I feel like I have done the full circle. I'm back to me again. And all this despite my MS nemesis which although not welcomed with open arms is certainly now just part of me.
Maybe if life throws some more surprises in my direction, I will be back.
But until then my friends, good luck, good health and stay positive.
Au revoir, Sian x

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