Tuesday 3 January 2012

Week five and six after Big A

Apologies for the slackness in my blogging. I shouldn't moan, but I will. The reason for the silence has been:

1. Christmas and New Year festivities
2. The evil bug from hell still hanging around
3. A very snotty baby

I have been feeling pretty rough over the last fortnight, fighting this cold has really taken it out of me and I simply cannot seem to shake it. I fear I will always have this runny nose, cough and general lethargy. I also fear that people will start calling me by a new name... Phlegm Sian. (I'm sorry, too much detail. I have disgusted myself.)
It is hard to tell you how I am feeling post-the big A because I am so wrapped up in the misery of this cold.
But on a couple of positives.
I cooked a three course Turkey roast for eight people on Christmas Day. And on Boxing Day, I managed to cater for another seven. And I didn't collapse from exhaustion until a couple of days later. So the earlier fatigue that came with the Big A seems to have abated.
In fact, apart from the lingering bug which maybe is taking longer to shift due to my compromised immunity, I feel pretty much ok. I've had no reactions / no relapses / no negative effects.
Hopefully the next two weeks will see my immunity return properly and I can kick this bug in the head!

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