Tuesday 20 December 2011

Week four after the Big A

Such is the saddo that I am, I am constantly surfing the web looking for new information about MS and possible treatments and I just happened to be reading something on the Big A when it reminded me that I need to have monthly blood tests to check my blood count.
Then I realised I was now in the fourth week after having the treatment so I hot-footed it to the day unit at the hospital and got my blood done. Why I need to get my blood checked monthly has been explained to me but I can't remember why it needs to be done although I suspect it has something to do with the possible side-effects the drug can bring on.
So week four has been, again, very uneventful.
We are all still fighting off the cold that my very thoughtful family member decided to share with us the weekend before last but it hasn't been too bad. My baby son is worst and on antibiotics but I seem to have got away with it - touch wood!
And hopefully this uneventfulness will continue.
Merry Christmas x

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