Monday 19 November 2012

Day three after round two

This weekend has been a mixture of feeling pretty weak and pathetic along with the continuation of the MS symptoms that have re-emerged and an agonising and relentless feeling of anger.
I am raging at the world.
Feelings of self-pity and 'poor me' wrack my mind and I am so bloody cross at everything.
Every little thing feels like a slight and to those poor souls - family and friends who I love dearly - who are just getting on with their lives and haven't been in touch to see how I am, well I'm afraid you have borne the brunt of my wrath.
If it is any consolation, I know I am being unreasonable and I also know that my anger is misdirected. But bear with me because at the moment, try as I might, I can't help it. I will sort my head out soon I promise. Normal service will resume soon.
I just need some sympathy at the moment. I don't want to be strong. I want people to see I need a bit of TLC. Just for a bit. Just an acknowledgement would suffice.
Boo hoo hoo!
The depth of my self indulgence knows no bounds.
Physically, I feel stronger than I did yesterday but I think a fair description of how I feel is: "Strength of the louse".
Standing up for too long make me feel light headed. And I keep falling asleep at the drop of a hat.
The scorched cheek syndrome has thankfully calmed down and yesterday I only took one anti-histimin and today (so far) none. So we are on the road to recovery.
My appetite is still on over-drive which I'm blaming on the steroids but if I'm perfectly truthful is probably because I am feeling blue. I wish I was one of those people, who in times of trauma forgets to eat. Ha! If only. I have the opposite. In crisis? Reach for the crisps. Feeling low? Swallow back that chocolate. I'm like a cliche but hey, it's my cliche so I'm gonna embrace it.
And on that note, I can hear the toaster so I'm going sign off. I've got to keep my energy up after all.
PS. I have a new follower on Twitter. They make walking sticks. Funky walking sticks I may add but walking sticks all the same. I'm hoping I will never have to use their service.

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