Wednesday 7 December 2011

Let's get moving

I've just completed my first bit of exercise since I had the Big A - and I've gotta say, I feel brilliant!
It was 45 minutes of (light) weight bearing aerobics done in the comfort of my living room in front of the telly with a very nice American lady (Erin O'Brien's Strong Body Ageless Body if anyone is interested) telling me what to do. My heart was beating fast, I was pink cheeked and had a sheen of sweat and it has really cheered me up.
Since being told I had MS, I've been nervous of doing exercise because if you read everything I've read on MS, you start believing that getting hot will bring on symptoms. I used to enjoy running - ok jogging. Oh ok if you want to be pedantic about it, fast walking, but I've been worried about going out on my own for a run in case I get a spasm or my feet go numb or my balance goes weird and I am stuck on the streets of north Cardiff  miles (alright, I'll admit it - just a mile) away from home with no way of contacting my husband to come and rescue me.
So I thought I would see how I coped with a fitness DVD and you know what - it has cheered me up no end. For one thing, I could do most of the moves despite months of idleness and also that my old friend MS was happy enough not to join in!
So bring on tomorrow when my muscles decide to punish me for getting them to work - I can't wait for the ache. It's been too long.

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