Thursday 15 December 2011

Week three after the Big A (and I'm moaning)

If things had been going to plan and I had stayed away from people with the lurg, this week would have been fine. I am sure my energy levels would have continued to rise and I would have been feeling back to my old self.
But things haven't quite gone to plan. 
A weekend visit to family resulted in me catching a disgusting cold thanks to the thoughtfulness of a certain family member who failed to tell me he was ill before we arrived (knowing my immunity was compromised and giving me the option of staying away) and so I had to socialise with him and his filthy germs. 
Despite his insistence that my immune system would be back to its full strength now, after all it has been all of three weeks since it was obliterated, and the doctors were just being over-zealous in their warnings to stay away from the ill, I caught the bug.
It was not a surprise to be honest - the way he was sneezing, I'm surprised he didn't infect the entire village.
All week I have been feeling rotten. The fatigue has been at an all time high and I generally feel really run down and under the weather. 
To prove I am feeling run down, a HUGE spot has erupted on my chin. It seriously is like a parasite and has a pulse and everything...! I fear it is going to be here for the duration of the Christmas festivities.
I digress.
So I can't really tell you what the Big A treatment has left me feeling this week because I have this cold and it has taken over everything else.
I have finished the anti-viral pills issued to me after the Big A though so that is one piece of Big A news but apart from that, I really am just doing my best to get over this cold. *cough cough, sneeze, sniff*

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