Tuesday 15 November 2011

Day two of the Big A

Well there isn't much to report on day two – it’s more or less been a repeat of day one to be honest. There was the anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory pill as I had an hour long infusion of steroid followed by the four and a half hour infusion of alemtuzumab and then the flush through of saline solution. The only thing missing today was the headache which had got worse after yesterday’s session ended.
I feel quite drained today though – kind of half baked and lacking in energy but this could be down to being stuck in the sleepy atmosphere of a hospital ward. Even though the staff bustle about, the patient is expected to be looked after and it’s pretty easy to let yourself fall into that role.
I had an interesting afternoon though letting 18 fourth year doctor students quiz me to try and work out what my diagnoses was after I described what symptoms I had experienced over the years. There was a slight moment of panic when on entering the classroom I suddenly realised that these doctors of the future could diagnose me with a horrific neurological disease after listening to my symptoms – then I remembered that is exactly what I have! Oh the mirth...
Anyway, short and sweet I know, but really there is nothing more to describe about day two of the Big A treatment – am pleasantly surprised to be honest and hope that day three, four and five continue to be problem free.

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