Tuesday 22 November 2011

Daytime drivel

Absolutely wiped out at the moment. Doing anything is a major effort and so I haven't been doing much apart from lying prone on the sofa watching tripe daytime telly - although if I watch much more of this drivel I don't think I will ever get better.
I think the NHS would save a packet on anaesthesia by forcing patients to watch four hours straight of this stuff - it is, in two words, mind numbing.
My hands have started to feel a bit MSy - not too bad but they feel a little tingly and stiff and as if the skin is not as sensitive to feeling as is usual. I was expecting something like this though so it's not sent me into a spin or anything and I'm sure once I start to pick up a bit, it'll disappear again.
I also have a sore throat which could be another reason I'm feeling so washed out. Again, not unexpected - I have just had my immune system battered by horrific drugs.
So everything is just as I was expecting it to be. I'll just carry on with the anti-virals and the paracetamol and hope for the best. I have stopped the anti-histamines though - they were making me even more sleepy than I already am. Between them, the daytime telly and the general lethargy, I was no use nor ornament to anyone!

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